Wednesday, December 9th I joined the online PWC event. Here, 11 start-ups in HR pitched their business. During the event, the people who watched could fill in forms after each pitch in order to give feedback to the pitchers. Because of the interactive nature, the event was actually really fun to attend.

As a learning entrepreneur, I was really interested in the way these people runned their business, what their ‘why’ was, how they handled it and I always strive to learn more about pitching by watching others do it.

During the event, I came to realize a lot of these start-ups were already operating internationally, which gave me an immense understanding of how quickly a business could grow.

although the insights I acquired from this event were ashtonishing, I found the pitches themselves rather basic. But I remember when pitching online, it is not as easy to display an entertaining ‘performance’.

I am happy to have attended this event. I learned a lot and it was a fair source of motivation and inspiration.