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Time Tracking

Hello there,

Let me tell you something about the lesson we had about ‘Time Tracking’ and how we were able to effectively track our time.

During class, as the teacher was assigning new tasks, a couple of students remarked they did not have enough time to do all the tasks we had to fulfill. They stated it was too much. The teacher smiled and asked the students precisely how much time was required for each individual task and how much time they spent. None of the students could answer this question and the teacher decided to show us a few methods of tracking time and the benefits it has.

She showed us how to track our time with Excel, how to use Toggl, etc. But then she asked us to bring an object with us for the next lesson. We did as she said and we all brought our own 3D object.

We had to place stickers on each side of the object with courses or activities written on it. From now on, when we wanted to work on a certain activity, we could turn the object with the sticker with that particular activity on top, so we would remind ourselves what we were working on, and not get distracted.

I used a deck of cards as object and on the stickers I wrote my different classes and personal projects. Although it quite interesting to try out, I will not be utilizing this method. I always tend to make a schedule of my day or week and it has proven very effective, so I will be using that method.

Everyone works different and needs to find his or her own way of tracking time.

Thank you!

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  1. Tibo Vervaeke

    That’s a great method David, keep up the good work!

    • David Raman

      Thanks for the feedback, Tibo! Appreciate it!

  2. Hugo

    Groot gelijk, David ! Creativiteit is belangrijker dan slaafs opvolgen.

    • David Raman

      Goed gezegd! Bedankt voor de feedback! 🙂

  3. Christine

    Great David! Get inspired and follow your own path 👍

  4. Ann Deraedt

    Ik kijk uit naar de “slimme” versie van jouw timetracker. The “enchanted” versie 😀

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